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 Tricks that you can apply to your YouTube campaign

YouTube is certainly one of the most favored video streaming website by viewers to get more information about the stuff they are looking for. Businesses and marketers also take advantages of YouTube videos to promote their brand as it is really a cost effective method to engage your customers. Adding YouTube video in your online advertising strategies can assist you to get more from your campaign. Here are some tricks that you can apply in your advertising campaign. ·     

Initially upload your video as private or unlisted:

After creating a video, you can upload it on your YouTube channel. The uploading consumes a little bit time, the processing video doesn’t look good to show your viewers. After completing the entire process, make your video public. ·     

Target local customers:

Dealing in a local business and selling in a particular area, try YouTube TrueView ads to promote your business across the region you want to. Target viewers based on specific geographical locations to get the right viewers for your YouTube video. Location based targeting improves your brand awareness and creditability. ·     

Customize thumbnails:

Thumbnails are really important to get traffic to YouTube promotional video. YouTube shows numbers of thumbnails after uploading the video on server. You can opt for the suitable one according to your marketing objectives. ·     

YouTube Keyword tool:

YouTube keyword tool helps you to discover the relevant keywords for your video. Viewers generally use these keywords in YouTube search URL to search the appropriate video. Using keywords in your video can optimize SEO and boost your ranking in search engine result pages. ·     

Hyperlink website in description:

Description is crucial to provide an overview about what your video contains. Linking your website URL in description can also improve your website traffic. Website URL shouldn’t start with “www” because these types of linked can’t be hyperlinked. Ensure that website URL starts with “http://” to get back your current viewers as well as unique customers. · 

YouTube put more stress on your original file name instead of video titles:

Most of businesses and marketers pay attention on tagging their video to increase the chances of getting shown in the YouTube search results. But the lesser known fact is YouTube focuses on the original name of the video file rather than the title that you give it after uploading. So make sure that your video original file is also saved with the correct name to get great results, it also boost video content SEO.  

Lead generation with YouTube

Lead generation is all about conversion, not the views. Every social media platform has their particular way to generate leads. YouTube video also plays an important role to build an audience list as it is the second most favorable search engine. The user engagement and interaction ability of video content is better than only text. YouTube videos are 53 times easier to rank on search engines and cost effective for many businesses. Here are some best practices to generate leads with YouTube videos. ·     

Target correct prospect:

Make a video that points out one of the prime problem of your prospective audiences. Then show them how your products or services can solve their problems. Don’t target everyone, specifies your audience according to demography, geographical location and interest. This can decrease your views and increase conversions. The audience you get will more likely to watch more from you.   ·     

Make a short attentive video:

Create a 2 or 3 minute video to make viewers aware about your brand. You can include the benefits that your audience get from you and then upload it on YouTube. These videos help you to get attention of your potential customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty.   ·     

Include a call to action:

Take advantage of visible annotations in your video content, so that your viewers can click on the link and image and get redirected to your website. The traffic of your website is increased and search engine rankings are also improved. Including call-to-action in video content motivate your audience to do the action, you want to get performed.   ·     

Use gated video content and an effective squeeze page:

Ensure that some of your video contents require opt-in of your viewers that includes their email to have access of more videos from you. So interested viewers who really want to watch your video, fill the opt-in form. You can also show them what benefits they will get after opting-in your list. Target them later via email or other online advertising.   ·     

Promote your video on other social platform:

To build a genuine audience list, you can share your YouTube brand channel video on other social media network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ etc.) to expand the reach of viewers. People go through with the link and watch video on your YouTube channel, more curious viewers will subscribe channel to get more updates from your brand.    

YouTube advertising for small businesses Y

ouTube is a great advertising tool for big brands as well as small businesses. A YouTube promotional video is crucial to reach your prospective audience. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube that is continuously growing which shows that you have a great opportunity to grab the attention of your potential audience. Most of businesses and marketers are already know about this. YouTube is also beneficial for small businesses in order to increase their brand awareness. Here are some reasons why YouTube is also an appropriate advertising tactics for small businesses. ·

Costs are low:

Small businesses can create their own channel and upload video content without spending a single penny. If businesses opt for advertising with YouTube, they get charged few cent for every view. But if they are taking advantage of in-stream (pre-roll) video ads, then they don’t need to pay until the viewer either view for 30 second or finish it. ·     

Direct responses:

Create a video content that precisely fulfill your business objective as well as focuses on your prospective customers’ needs. Include a call to action to motivate them to subscribe your channel. Most marketers and businesses use YouTube for branding, but if your video is targeted properly, you can get more sales and signups at cost-effective prices and boost your business conversion rate. ·     

Call-to-action overlay:

YouTube provides you a feature to place a call-to-action overlay on your advertisement. The call-to-action overlay is a small banner that displays in right side nearby play button which give small businesses another chance to get back your prospects. ·     

Refined Targeting:

YouTube enables you to distinguish respective targeted audience groups. It is crucial that you set these things properly or you will misspend your money. So you need to have a proper balance between granular targeting and requisite viewer volume. ·     

Target geographically:

Uploading video directly on YouTube without specifying any demography and geographical location, it means you are targeting everyone across the world which can harm your business badly. So, use demographic and geographic targeting to specify the area and your prospective viewers in order to get potential customers.   ·     

YouTube analytics tool:

YouTube allows its users to analyze their YouTube channel without any cost. You can get complete insights about your business such as views, subscription, comments shares and much more. These insights also helps you to optimize your YouTube promotional campaign. Utilize YouTube advertising to lucrative benefits whether you are a small business or a brand.    

How to write a video script for YouTube

Promoting your business on YouTube is crucial to generate buzz about you in niche market. You have created a YouTube channel and prepared a strategy for your video but you don’t know how to write a video script for your promotional video. A well-written script allows you to convey a clear message to your audience. You need to be simple and draw your customer’s attention in the first 15 seconds. Script shouldn’t be monotonous, so write conversationally and read your scripts in the way people like to talk. Try to make a compelling script with emotion to put a positive impact on audience. Apply individual creative approaches for every video content and include a call-to-action such as visit our website and view more from us etc. Scriptwriting is mainly divided in 3 parts: 1.     The Beginning 2.     The Middle 3.     The Conclusion ·     

The Beginning:

At the starting point, say something about yourself and begin with a short story that defines “how did you get started?”. You need to capture the audience’s attention. Begin with a question and show your audience how your products and services solve their problems, share your personal experience, and introduce yourself and move to Middle. This type of writing engage your customers at the first view. ·     

The Middle:

Pursue to create your story with your business proficiency and how it resolve your audience problem. Be focused with your approach of business and the things that makes you unique among competitors. Talk about your customer service ideology, how you make your customers happy, where your business is situated and how viewers can purchase from you. You can also define other ways to assist customers. ·     

The Conclusion

At last, give a rundown to your business’ value and finish with a call-to-action to provoke your customers to take further action.   After creating the script, read it loudly to catch the errors and proofread it twice or thrice to make it better and diminish the chances of wrong grammar and other mistakes.    

How to make your video discoverable

Creating and uploading a video is the half part of your YouTube advertisement. But getting viewers is also important to make your audience aware about your brand. Video needs to be appear in YouTube results. To get your video discovered by viewers, you need to include an appropriate title, detailed description, tags and annotations to ensure your visibility in YouTube search bar. You can begin working on these things when start uploading video on your YouTube channel, all these contents of a video are also known as “metadata” which is a prime key to tell your customers what your video contains. Title, description, tags, and annotations can be edited at any time by clicking at your username and choosing video manager then edit and complete the changes you want to do. ·     

Add a title:

To write an attention grabbing title, you need to have in your mind that you are writing for video headline. A great title encourages viewers to watch your video and comprises keywords and phrases that are used by audience. Be precise and utilize keywords at the beginning of your video titles. If your brand is not well known in niche market, include brand name at the end. ·     

Write a description:

To get founded by viewers, you need to describe about your video with appropriate description that define your video content. You can add your website link, the link should begin with “http://” to redirect your prospect towards your website, if links start with “www” then it will not work for you. Remember that YouTube abbreviates your video descriptions in search results, so try to focus on important things in first two-three lines. ·     

Add tags:

Adding tags in YouTube videos, make it easy for viewers to discover your brand in their search results. Tags are generally words and phrases that define the content of your video and assist viewers to find your video online. When viewers write your tags in YouTube search bar, your video take place in results and suggested videos. Take advantage of numerous tags to completely represent the content of your video and business. Tags should intermix of particular terms and phrases which also be in title. ·     

Choose a category & Thumbnails:

Opt for the category that perfectly exemplify your video. YouTube formulates 15 types of categories listed in the Browse tab, and situated at the top of each page. After completing the video upload process, YouTube suggest three thumbnails images from your video content. Choose one to get displayed in search result, playlist and channel. You can also take the advantage of customize thumbnails to get more views. ·     

Make your video public:

When you upload a new video in your YouTube channel, you have choices to keep it public, private and unlisted. Don’t make it public without tags and description. So add tags and description and make it public so they can find it on YouTube.      

How to make your channel discoverable

YouTube channel is generally treated as businesses’ home on YouTube. You can access it anytime by selecting username that is displayed in top right then click on My Channel. When you make more video content and upload it on YouTube, videos are displayed on your channel after your profile, favorites and playlist. Ensure that your prospective audience can find your business’ channel by updating some crucial information such as channel title, channel description related to your business, channel tags to optimize SEO and appear in search results and some customized links. ·     

Update Your Channel Title:

Channel title is really important because it is appear on your channel page. Most of businesses uses their brand name as a channel, but if you are not well known in your niche market, name it with a name that resonates your viewers and also relevant to your business. You can also change your previous channel name by editing settings of your brand channel.   ·


Write a proper channel description:

Provide detailed information about your business, so people can get more information about you and what you do. Utilize complete sentences, add your business contact number. You can also write text from the “About” section of your website. An appropriate description increases the chances of getting found as well as enhance brand awareness among the users. It also optimizes your search results ranking in YouTube search.   ·     

Add channel tags:

These tags are similar as video tag, Channel tags are generally used to enhance the YouTube channel chances of getting found when audience search with a relevant keyword phrase. You can include a mix of tags and phrases which determines your business. You can also do a little research with the keyword tool to find the great keywords and phrases.   ·     

Include website link:

With YouTube channel, you can also redirect your video traffic to your website by including a website link to your brand’s YouTube channel page. You can incorporate the link by editing and adding new link to My Channel. Ensure that link is started from “http://” otherwise link will not work. You can also include email address in custom URL field. Begin with “mailto:” followed by email address such as mailto:abc@xyz.com.  

How to set-up a YouTube channel

YouTube is a great tactic to get noticed online. A channel is similar as a Facebook page where you share video, comment on videos, and create playlist etc. A channel enhance the credibility of your brand as well as awareness among the audience so setting up a YouTube channel is important to expand the reach of your business. ·     

Channel creation:

To create a channel, login into your Google account and add some channel art that is displayed at the top of your channel page. You can create a customized image it according to your business. Include your channel’s name or a message to your viewers in your channel art. You can change it on a regular basis. Tell something about your channel by writing a brief description. You can also add website link, email link, and other channels. Have a look on your videos and give it a relevant name that describes the content video have. ·     

Develop content:

Decide what you want to share and give your audience a reason to watch you. Play with your strength that makes you different from the other channels to get attention of your viewers. Reviews are also a great method to boost traffic to your channel, because people are more intended to buy from a brand which reviews are great. Introduction of company needs to be compelling and informative. You can create a buzz with pre-event, after event and during the event videos. Tell a story and add annotations to engage your customers. ·     

Uploading videos and manage them:

Upload video to your channel with an attractive title that includes metadata such as a proper description, headline, annotations and tags to boost user’s channel experience. Add videos on a regular basis to interact with viewers and create a strong relationship. Also keep your eyes on your competitors to optimize your channel. ·     


In order to forge relationship collaborate with other businesses that are in same niche. Try to include viewers’ commentary and creation into your videos. You can take advantages of other social media platforms and ask your viewers to share in their network. Paid media can also be great way to advertise your channel across the world and in a specific area.  

Methods to optimize video content

Optimization your YouTube video and channel can be a great way to maximize your audience reach. Be focused to write unique and engaging video content to connect with your prospects but still it is not all. There are so many other channels who are providing related to your video content. Creating a successful optimization strategy is crucial to get the most out of your YouTube Channel and diminish the execution mistakes. Metadata, thumbnails, annotations, checklist, playlist and channel experience are really assist you to create a great optimization plan.   ·     


Metadata assists you to index your video content in YouTube search as well as in Google search engine. Your video contents are also displayed in suggested video. Add highly recommended keywords and optimized formatting in titles, tags and description of your content. Write a compelling title for your videos because it puts the first impression on your audience when videos appear in search results. Only few lines of description are displayed in search results, so make them really count for your business. Including metadata into your YouTube promotional campaign increase search traffic, visibility and click through rate. It also puts a positive impact on your brand awareness, trust, and sales.   ·     


Thumbnails works as a small advertising poster for YouTube video content to grab attention of viewers and provoke them to click to watch. Write quality video content, customize your thumbnails and opt for the one which precisely exemplify what’s inside that go best with your brand. Include some great shots that can make great thumbnails. Also have a look on legibility of thumbnails at different sizes. Thumbnails should be clear with high resolution with 16:9 ratio.   ·     


Annotations are distinctive to get more unique viewers to your YouTube video content and boost up viewers actions on your video. You just need to include relevant annotations after getting video uploaded on YouTube. You can take advantage of navigation to highlight your newest video, subscribe direct link and call to actions to drive engagement. Adding annotation in archive video can boost the chances of direct traffic to your brand channel. Annotations can increase viewership, new subscribers, viewing time and connections with customers. It also enhance your brand awareness. Organizing your video by creating playlists can also optimize your video content. Optimizing YouTube channel experience is also crucial to boost your brand creditability by focusing on its name, icon, description and recent activities etc.        

How to advertise your video content with paid media

Empower paid advertisement to showcase your YouTube video content in front of the right audience. To get success with YouTube is not all about creating great and concerning videos but also assures you that your targeting customer will discover you. Advertising permits you to hook up those audience who are unable to discover your channel. Paid media increase views and shares of your video content. You need to showcase your content with attractive video ads to influence your prospect audience through skippable advertising. Paid promotions increase traffic, views, clicks and subscriptions, as well as brand awareness and loyalty. Here are some cost effective strategies that you can apply to your YouTube video content for paid advertising in order to effectively advertise your content. ·     

Opt for right video ad format:

There are number of ad formats are available, but YouTube recommend TrueView ad format that have 3 different types of ad format to target your potential audience.

Ø TrueView In-Stream: In-Stream TrueView ads, viewers have a chance to skip your video ad after 5 seconds. Viewers who are really interested in your products and services watch the complete video. These ads don’t cost you until if viewers don’t watch more than 30 seconds or complete video if duration is less than 30 seconds.

Ø  TrueView In-Display: In-Display ads look as a thumbnail and text which are showcased in the YouTube watch pages as suggestions and recommendations. These TrueView ads are also take place in Google Display Network. You need to pay when audience click on the ad to watch your video.

Ø  TrueView In-Search: In-Search ads are usually seen in a specific promoted section of the YouTube search result pages and Google video search results. These ads cost you when viewers opt your advertisement to watch.   ·     

Optimize video for paid advertisement:

In order to optimize your YouTube advertising campaign, you need to engage your audience for the first 5 second to hold them with you. Specifically if you going to advertise your campaign with In-Display and In-Search ads, create a short video of 30-60 seconds; add annotations and give your viewers a reason take the action; take benefit of attention grabbing thumbnails; and close it with a clear call to action.   ·     

Opt for right promotion strategy:

Advertising with paid media, you need opt specific promotional strategy for each type of content. If your content is Evergreen, use In-Search ads to promote. Regular scheduled video advertising content should be promoted with In-Stream ads. Big events can be advertised with reservation based YouTube ads.   Turn your viewers into subscribers by promoting your channel and remarketing to those who viewed your video in last 3 to 6 months.  

YouTube with other social media platform

YouTube is a social media platform but it is usually known as social networking sites as it is famous for video sharing. You can advertise your brand with paid media but if you want to promote your channel without spending more money and time, you can take advantage of other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others. ·     


Most of businesses have a Facebook fan page where they promote their products and services. You can also take advantage of this, if you have Facebook page with a great following then embed the video to your fan page. Go to YouTube video and click on share button under the video, copy the highlighted URL, now update it on your Facebook page and share it. This way you can broaden your reach of video, the people who like your video will share it among their network.   ·     


Twitter is also a social networking website that permits its users to post, send and receive 140 character messages called “tweets”. To share your YouTube video on twitter, just go to the video you want to share on twitter. Click on share button and opt for twitter. Login with your twitter account and share the tweet on business page. The tweet appears on the followers’ timeline. Posting YouTube video on Twitter allows you broaden your audience reach and increase the awareness about your business.   ·     

LinkedIn: LinkedIn a professional social networking websites which allows you to exchange your ideas and share business related information around your network. With LinkedIn, you can acknowledge your business presence on internet. This social media website also permits you to add media from YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare and Livestream. Just go to the share button and click to share on LinkedIn, you can update this video as your post update, send it to individual or share in your business group. LinkedIn empowers you to embed the link on your LinkedIn page by adding media.   You can also share your YouTube video on blogs, websites and other social media platforms for better engagement and enhance your brand awareness.                                

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