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A complete overview about PPC Advertisement

Every business need traffic to build his business. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an online marketing tactics where advertisers take advantage of publishers’ websites and search engines to promote their products and services and get traffic to achieve their ultimate goal of money making. Advertisers need to pay when their ads are clicked. It is one of the fastest way to generate immediate traffic to your website. It is result-oriented pull-type marketing technique. The major search engines that provide PPC advertisement are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter. Employing PPC with your marketing campaign allows you to calculate your cost per click opposite to your conversion. It also assists to evaluate sales to compute ROI. It is a cost-efficient way to reach your prospective audience while other online marketing techniques are steadily succoring to get the organic ranking potential. PPC Advertisement is based on a silent auction. Advertisers bid on the keyword to get relevance traffic who are searching for a specific product and services. When a visitors enter the query into search engine including the keywords, search engine shows the relevant ads related to keywords. These ads are generally appeared on the top and right side of organic search result. And on independent websites, ads are placed on the most auspicious location on the publisher website. Use A/B split-testing and optimize it accordingly, it will cut-down your cost per click and improve conversion rate. With PPC advertising method you can take benefit of certain advantages such as fast measurable results, targeted traffic, only pay for click, raise organic search listing, providing control on your budget and scheduling. PPC Marketing plays some major roles in –

Campaign and issue based traffic: 

Launching a new product and need a short term course for that. Pay-Per-Click can be a significant method to initiate fizz. If you want a product specific campaign for a long time, PPC is ideal.

Direct Response:

If you deal in specific product and service that visitors can turn into buying customers at the moment they visit your site, PPC is a great method. As you are aware that every click have purchasing potential, so expending your budget for getting more click can make sense.

Niche Traffic:

Looking to achieve huge amount of traffic for highly determined keywords, PPC also allows negotiation. You don’t need to pay for the top and costly bidding, you can choose some similar keyword that is more relevant to your products and less expensive. PPC campaigns are also productive and adjust your traffic when you are going to announce new products, you can run lead generating program where visitors needs to fill a form to initiate the sales funnel and offer for a limited time period with your PPC campaign. Get flood of traffic with advertising PPC campaign when your market appeal is elevated. You can build an instant online existence in no time and get more ROI if doing it in a right way.

Source from business2community.com

How to remarket your campaign with PPC Marketing

Remarketing (also called Retargeting) is method to serve specific ad and get back your past website visitors. Most usual retargeting includes Site Retargeting, Email Retargeting, Search Retargeting, CRM Retargeting, Dynamic Retargeting and Facebook Retargeting. Remarketing helps you to attract bounced traffic to improve your website conversions; allows you to be in front on your prospective customers when they come online; increase your brand awareness and ROI by delivering attentive ads to adequate audience. Remarketing can intensify and extend your PPC campaign. You are getting traffic to specific landing page with your PPC campaign. You need to include retargeting pixels to your websites and landing pages to discover non-converted customers. Retargeting assists you with a chance to target your potential customers with retargeting ads. These ads engage and bring back your lost customers and improve the conversion rate and revenue. Remarketing is immensely adaptable and you can prey your potential visitors according to the specific pages they visited. You can segment them on the basis of –

Visits to your homepage: Homepage visits are the vast targeting method. Convey your message with Google Display Network (GDN) ads to reach your prospective.

Visits to specific product pages: If customer visit your website for a particular product, you can reach them with specific product ads. You can create different ads for different services.

Landing pages visit: User lands on your landing page by clicking the PPC ad. You can re-engage those users in a single attempt to obtain more value from that very first click.

Shopping cart abandon: Prospective customer are landing to your website, have a glance at your products, and add one or more product in shopping cart but abandon the shopping cart at last time. These types of customers are quite interesting in your products. You can target them with some offers and discount.

Visits to your confirmation page: Your product have higher tendency to convert into a sale. But losing your visitors on confirmation page. You can motivate confirmation page abandon and existing customer to complete their purchase and repetitive purchase respectively with a call to action.

Visits to your FAQ/Contact page: Visitors are landing to your contact and FAQ page, means they are showing their interested as looking for answers and more information. With remarketing, you can get back those determined visitors and assist them to convert. To set up a highly converting remarketing campaign with PPC, you need implement the given tactics into your PPC remarketing campaign –

Frequency Caps - to limit the number of times your ads will appear for a tagged user.

Burn Code – using a burn pixel will remove or un-tag the users who completed their purchase.

Rotating Creative and A/B Testing – To diminish the performance dip you can revolving ads after a certain period. A/B split testing assists you to discover the excellent amalgamation of ad copy, calls-to-action, and graphics.

Audience Segmentation – Include dissimilar remarketing pixels on different web pages to segment your audience.

Demographic, Geographic, and Contextual Targeting – These targeting allows you to calibrate ad position, assure substantial relevancy and improving ad performance. None campaign is perfect, every campaign needs remarketing to acquire lost customers. You can also take the benefit of remarketing to leverage your PPC campaign.

Lead Generation with PPC

Search Advertising is a powerful method to promote businesses online and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is also an important aspect of it. As every business can’t depend on their current customers for expansion, so they need more and more customers.

PPC lead generation campaigns are distinct in perception that each and every conversion doesn’t always signify a sale. The objective of PPC advertisement to move your prospective customers into the lead tracking system. 

To generate leads, visitors need to fill a form without any assurance that they will convert into a customer or not. You can include some attributes to your PPC campaign such as Trial periods, eBooks, offers, approval and contradiction processes, long sales funnel, and price quotes.

The prime problem is to get the initial data (name, email) from your prospective. Here are some important aspects that will surely help you to generate quality leads. Some important things, you need to remember when generating leads with PPC marketing –

Send your traffic to a specific landing page

Driving your traffic to your home page means losing leads in other manner. If you wish to obtain most out of your PPC campaign, link your PPC ads to your landing pages to send direct traffic to your website. Because landing pages are created especially for deriving a direct action from your webpage such as sale or leads.  

Include and optimize lead generation form –

Add a lead generation or contact form on your landing page to improve your conversions. Lead generation page is specifically designed for generating to gather information about your customers and turn them into lead so that you can advertise them in near future. Add important fields and avoid asking too many and irrelevant queries to get more qualitative leads.

Take advantage of giveaways –

With a lead generation form, you can also include offers, giveaways and discount on sale to increase sign up, newsletter subscriber and sales. A reward can motivate your customers to take a further action. You can also include ebooks, Video presentation and other stuff related to your products. Make your ad attractive with text and graphics to get most out of your PPC campaign.

Ad test should be relevant to your landing page content –

Visitors usually clicks on ad to get more information about your products and services which are mentioned in advertisements to get answers. If your ad is exactly targeting a specific products, your landing page needs to have the relevant information to that specific products. You content of landing page is also important to hold your visitor and turn them into a potential customer, so design everything according to your customers’ needs to increase your profits.

Track conversions –

Tracking also plays an important role to know about your conversion and lead generation efforts. You can have a look which things are assisting you in lead generation and apply the most profitable strategy. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook provide tracking and analytics tools. Take the benefit of tracking to increase your conversion rate.

How PPC is good for small businesses

Every business want to drive visitors to his website with paid search engine marketing that includes PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing and SEO. PPC is a great online advertising model to generate leads and get faster results. Businesses only be charged when someone clicks on the PPC ads. If you are running a small business, PPC marketing can be extremely effectual component of your internet marketing campaign. With PPC marketing, small businesses can devise a robust and extensible plan to get the desired outputs which can be –

       1.     Attracting new customers

       2.     Generating new leads

       3.     Increase ROI

       4.    Brand awareness

       5.     Immediate results and much more.

As small businesses have a limited budget to spend on their advertising campaign. Here are some strategies that will help you to generate more bucks for local businesses –

  1.      Target local customers:

Running a PPC campaign for your small business in a local area, but not taking the benefit of location based targeting and getting traffic from all around the world. It can harm your business badly. As per the surveys by TMP and ComScore, 83% of local searches are done online but approaches offline. Location based targeting allows you to be focused with a specific location. You can remove some places to lower your cost per click. This will assists you to get targeted traffic. You can also segment your traffic according to location and allocate your budget to the best performing locations to get higher click through rate.  

2.     Remarket:

Using PPC marketing to promote your local business, you can build remarketing list of those customers who visited your webpage but didn’t converted into paying customers with a tracking pixel. You can create multiple lists according to your customers’ behaviors and page views. Take advantage of similar audience to expand your reach to more audience who have same interest as your existing list. You can place suitable frequency cap to limit the time of displaying your ads for each user to ensure that PPC budget is not buffeted and your business will not endure. Remarketing can improve your revenue, sales and conversions with a lower cost per click.

3.     Keywords:

You need to optimize your keywords to target determined audiences using keyword match type. Keywords match types are –

Broad match – With broad match keywords, your ad will be displayed when someone search for the exactly same query and similar and relevant keywords.

Phrase match – Phrase match appear on the search engine result page only when the search keywords are in your ad copy. To design phrase match, you need to enclose your keyword phrase in quotes.

Exact match – Exact match takes place only when the key phrase and your ad keywords are exactly matched. You need to separate your keywords phrases in brackets to create exact match keywords. You can also use negative keywords and long tail keywords to limit your search in a particular area. This will improve your conversion, lower your cost per click, and increase your sales and profit margins.   By using all these strategies, you can surely reach your prospective customers and engage them further in order to achieve the desired output.

Does PPC Marketing assist you to target mobile audience -up

Now a day’s most of the internet searches are being made through mobiles. As everyone consist of a mobile phone and is being connected through internet in some or the other way.

Many SMBs avoid using PPC and mobile marketing in general because of complexity involved in them. As this involves setting up of various campaigns over each device channel.

The process of implementing comprehensive mobile PPC program has been simplified through enhancing campaigns which proves to be beneficial for the retailer’s to target the mobile audiences.

Enhancing campaigning has the following benefits which are:

  • ·      They provide single campaign for multiple devices.
  • ·      User vs devise centric bidding adjustments.
  • ·      Responsive ads
  • ·      No more mobile calls for promotions

The campaign set should be beneficial to the retailers as they targeting the mobile audiences which are huge in number. For attaining targeted purpose one should engage himself with mobile PPC which can be done by following these few steps:

 Set specific goals

While performing mobile PPC one should set his goal and should be ensure about them. As it would help him in targeting relevant audiences to you. PPC campaigns are result driven campaigns therefore one should be specific about deciding and documentation of the goal while performing mobile PPC. One should always strive to establish SMART goals- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.  

Define your target audiences

There is a very simple way of defining the targeted audiences for mobile PPC. While defining your targeted audiences you must know the 5 W’s of the targeted market. These W’s represent- Who, What, When, Where and Why of the targeted market. It can be seen as:

·      Who are your targeted audiences?

·      What are they looking for?

·      When they are likely to be online?

·      Where are they- both physically and online

·      Why they would be looking for you or your services.

These 5 W’s would help you to define and determine your targeted mobile audiences.

Determine your keywords

Like any other PPC campaign mobile campaign also involves determination of keywords and key phrases. Refer to your targeted audience that how they will be searching you through search engine and decide your keywords according to it. The more specific the keyword you choose the more likely you will be rank higher in the search results.

Create your mobile ad

Design your ads according to the mobile users. As these users are more relevant to make purchase rather than researches. Include ad extensions with specific call to action which would enable them to act immediately. Finally make an offer in your ad which will give benefits to the user.

Design your landing page

Once a targeted audience clicks to your ad, your next objective would be converting him. This process begins when they arrive at your landing page. Make your landing page specific and clear which will be providing your customers with the exact knowledge of the services and offers available.

Establish campaign strategies

After all these process establish the campaign strategy which would help you in attracting your targeted customers. There are three main decisions which should be taken while determining your campaigning strategies these are:

·      Bidding strategies

·      Ad extensions

·      Day parting

 Analyze and optimize

Monitoring, managing and optimizing are the optimal process while doing mobile PPC as it will help you in tracking your targeted audience. It involves various key metrics which can be seen as follows:

·      New mobile advertising conversion method

·      Keyword tracking

·      Web traffic and analytics

·      Activity, cost and value metrics

Mobile PPC campaign can be seen as very complicated but has enormous benefits with it. By following the above steps one can easily target the mobile audiences with successful PPC.

How to bid effectively

Bidding is an important factor of PPC advertising campaign to conclude success and failure of your paid search advertisement. It works as an auction. Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter are the most leading companies that provide PPC campaigns. Content of your advertisement decide order of your ad and bidding defines where your ad will occur on the search page. Minimum bidding cost of Yahoo is 10 cents, Google is 5 cents and Bing is 1 cent. If you bid too low, you advertisement will rarely occur on search engines and with high bidding, you will lose your money. Bid as much as you can manage and according to worth per lead, so you don’t lavish your money and position.

To know, how much amount you need to bid, you have to analyze–

  •  How much traffic do you want for each conversion?
  •  How much amount can you pay for each conversion without bargaining with your expediency?
  • How many conversions do you want to cover the cost of bid?

If you want to boost productivity of your PPC campaign, here are some bidding strategies that can diminish your cost per click and increase your profits quickly –

Multiple Ad Networks:

Running a PPC campaign only on one ad network means you are losing a chance to get conversions at a significantly lower cost by including other search engines and individuals. It reduce your overall click and conversion cost and at the mean time it boost conversion numbers by extending its reach to new audience.    

Highly relevant keywords:

To decrease your keyword bidding price, you need a high quality score. You can improve quality score by having the relevant content among your keywords, ad copies and landing pages. You can create multiple ad groups with 5-20 keywords in each group and link them with defined landing pages.

Tightly themed ads groups enable your customers to discover for what they are precisely searching. You will get a higher conversion rate, lower CPC and boosted quality score with your PPC ad campaign.

Optimal ad position:

Most of marketers overpay for the keywords they are using with having a conception that the top position ad will obtain more conversion for them. While the first ad position only acquire huge amount of click instead of conversion.

So you can look for the third of fourth ad position with a lower Cost per click and Click through rate (CTR), and profitable conversion

Bid Popping:

With the top most ad placement, you need to pay more without getting the profitable results. When you include a new keyword into ad group of your PPC campaign, you should spend for the higher ad placement for a week or more is called bid popping.

Bid popping enables you to get higher CTR which will improve your Quality Score and a high Quality Score diminish bid and per click cost in long run.

Day Parting:

There are certain major point that you should always keep in mind. In case you are a B2B marketer, and you are well aware that a huge chunk of your targeted audience makes their searches during business hours, it is advisable not to show your ads during the night in order to make best use of the financial resources.

If your opponents are using 24X7 ad placement and may be they will cripple their budget untimely in a day. By taking advantage of day parting, it becomes easy determine your ad costing throughout the day and help you to get higher ad placements with lower cost per click. Pay per click bidding can be very cost-efficient, relying on objectives, business type, competition and budget. You need to find what works for you and remember to monitor and analyze your campaign.

How to create a converting landing page for PPC campaign - up

Landing pages are those pages on which the person lands after clicking on Call to action form of online marketing. These pages are specially designed for specific ad campaigns. Major benefits of using landing pages for PPC is that firstly, it gives the complete information about the product to the user when a user land on it. Secondly, it creates conversion path which directly impacts the sales. Thirdly, it also help to measure advertising efforts efficiently and carefully. For creating a quality landing page for the PPC campaign one must meet these following elements:

Mark your goal

Before starting a PPC campaign one should be clear about his goals regarding the campaign and make the landing pages according to it. This landing pages should accomplish your marketing goals. The landing pages depends upon the goals you want to achieve from it whether it would be sales or filling forms, registrations, etc. Once you have established your marketing goals regarding your campaigns, ad-groups and do some competitive research.

Create a customized heading

Landing page optimization also affect your quality score. High quality score would not only decrease the cost per click but also reduce the overall acquisition cost. One should remember that most of the traffic comes through the heading created for your landing which is complementing the keywords being used for its research. When a visitor reaches your landing page, your heading must remind them the site they are landing is exactly what they have searched for and clicked on the ad for.


One must create trust within their visitors by enabling and showing them the trust symbols like safe-checkouts logos, awards, media mentions, client’s logos and testimonials. All these helps in developing the trust within the visitors for your campaign. Visitors should be confident about your credibility so that they get ensure that their credit card and other information are secured with you and no misleading would occur with them.

Include offers and benefits

Include offers and benefits into your ads and landing page in order to attract your targeted audiences. This will help in lead generation. Make your offer compelling that is the offer given to the visitor for converting into lead. The offers and benefits provided to the visitor should remain same on the ad and the landing page. The promises you made on the ad spaces should be reinforced on the landing pages. This will help them in understanding the product and the benefits they will be attaining from the product.

Add CTA to your site

You as the marketer know what you want from your customers but it is not sure that what you will be wanting from them. To solve this issue introduce certain obvious Call to Action (CTA) that stands segregated from the rest of the text. This will help the visitor to know what you expect from him and what action he should take to get converted to your site.

Test your landing pages

One must create multiple landing pages for the ad which are relevant and are related to the product being advertised or promoted through it. After creating the landing pages according to the above elements one must test them. This testing of optimized landing page is done to ensure the above elements and test them to ensure quality traffic and sales. The more you test the more will be the increase in traffic and sales will be noted. All this would help you to create a converting landing page for your PPC campaign which will help in increasing the traffic and sales over your ad and landing page.

How to control PPC campaign costing with Negative keywords

Negative keywords are the excluded keywords which help to avoid unqualified traffic that drives up the overhead cost. These are pay-per-click advertising match type options that are offered by certain search engines.

While doing PPC campaigning, it is important to determine the keywords which are beneficial to campaign. Most PPC campaigns costs more than they actually should because of purchasing of unnecessary keywords.

The list of specific keywords helps the targeted audience to search your product. However these keywords helps you to increase brand ranking in search engine even if the query doesn’t match your specific product.

If a searcher comes to your link and is not a targeted searcher than you have to pay for an irrelevant click to the site owner. List of negative keywords helps you to avoid such irrelevant clicks which is not beneficial for you or your brand.

Negative keyword research helps you to restrict your PPC ad so that only best potential user get to it. Creating negative keywords will ensure that your ad will not been shown for that particular keyword.

Negative keywords would help you in improving CTR as negative leads would be reduced from the traffic generated and the remaining would improve your CTR and will increase the targeted traffic.

Negative keywords are useful if used for phrase or broad match. When you approach broad match then there will be several result generated out of which only few are useful to the searcher.

Negative keyword research is cost efficient as it saves money by avoiding the payments of useless clicks. By creating more relevant group of keywords with high CTR would increase your quality score and which will lower your cost.

The ideal way is to use broad or phrase match for selecting the set of negative keywords as it would help you in filtering the targeted audiences for your ads. Earlier the traditional method for searching negative keywords was very time consuming and redundant process.

Now there are many new negative keyword research tools which empowers you to:

·      Eliminate the wasteful ad spend before it starts.

·      Save time and increase productivity.

·      It efficiently manages the negative keyword research.

It would also help you create the negative keyword list and it also help you enjoy the suggestions from the real traffic for the negative keyword research. This will also help you to restrict real traffic from real searches.

Effective negative keyword research would make your keyword research more clean and relevant. This would result in generating a correct traffic over your link. Negative keyword research also helps in saving your money by refining the traffic that will be clicking on the link and would avoid irrelevant clicks.

Eliminating the irrelevant keywords would help you to relate the audience to your ad. Closely related ad groups help you to give a single message for the entire group which depletes the chances of misleading of leads.

The better negative keyword management would help your PPC budget to be spent on impressions and clicks that are high likely to drive more relevant traffic, qualified leads and eventual sales.

Optimize the keywords to get the right audience by PPC

Pay-per-click optimization is a process of improving keyword choice, ad copy, landing pages, and Ad groups to boost the ROI of your search engine based campaigns.

Write your ad copy in such a way that it increases your Click-thru-rates, optimize your landing pages to improve conversion rates and organize ad groups to increase overall effectiveness of PPC advertising. These methods will generate more leads.

Check Your Phrase Matches Phrases match means that your ad will show up with searches that includes the exact keyword. Google defines phrase match as “A key word setting that allows you to show your ad only when someone search’s include the exact phrase of your keyword with some additional words before or after.” You need to write phrase match in quotes for example ‘Cake decoration’ which will appear when the search queries also have the same phrases like -Anniversary cake decoration, Best cake decoration, Cake decoration that looks eye-catching. You can take benefit of long-tail and negative keywords to diminish irrelevant queries. Do not use the phrase match when addition of keywords change the meaning.  

Examine the benefits of broad match Broad match takes your keyword and matches them against related keywords and terms. A keyword setting that allows your ad to show when someone searches for that keyword or a variations related to it. So if search query is ‘Cake decoration’, the searches which appear on the search result page are Cake decoration for birthdays, Cake decoration books, Party cakes etc. You can use broad match because it is the usual method of penetrating on a search engine. It also assists you to know the new bidding keywords. But it can also create a problem for your campaign.  

Narrow down with the exact match Each match only allow your ad to appear when the keyword and phrase exactly matched with the searched query. It is a keyword setting that permit your ad to display only when searches happens for the exact same keywords or a close variations of your exact match keyword. Make use of exact match when you want to show your ads only for particular terms. Don’t use it when you are able to target your audience with long-terms keywords and similar keywords.  

Be positive with negative keywords Sometimes it can be useful to use negative keywords to diminish the appearance of your PPC ad for those specific keywords. Negative keywords and phrases work as filters. By using negative keywords, you can –

-        Decrease your allocated budget on clicks from the users who are searching for the offers you don’t provide.

-        Display your ads to the more potential to click.

-        Eliminate the keywords which are not beneficial.

PPC Advertisement with Affiliate marketing

Pay-Per-Click is an online advertisement technique to reach your targeted audience across the web and make profits. These ads are mostly appeared on the top and right side of the search engine result page. Sometimes, it also comes below the organic search result.

When a visitors comes to affiliate website and click on advertiser’s ads and go through his website. This paying method of marketing is mentioned as pay per click (PPC) Advertisers and affiliates design keywords based ads for PPC campaign. The placement of the ad is taken by bidding amount. Search engine does not charge you for displaying the ad whenever someone doesn’t click on the advertisement.

Pay-Per-Click affiliate program is an immense way to take benefit of the keyword skills you have. Every ad needs to be attention grabbing with the most appropriate keyword. If you are promoting other’s products and have your own website relevant to the products, Here are some steps that can be taken by affiliates to promote the advertiser business –

Find your market:

For promoting, you can look for a vast market to get extensive audience. Find the market relevant to your niche, if you are having your own website. And if you do not have a website, don’t limit your audience reach.

Research your Keywords:

Don’t stay with broad and aimless keywords when you want to make more money. As being an affiliate, you also need to be aware about the keywords, you are going to use. Your prime aim is to discover low-cost keywords within a broad search that generate great traffic. You need to have a look at the common issues that are shared by users within a niche market. Just discover the most appropriate keyword terms and phrases that have a clear call to action to convert visitors into conversions. The Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool can present everything you want to know such as keywords, alike keywords, CPC, conversions and traffic etc. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is also a great method to have an idea about keywords. Fix it in the mind that you pay for each click but you will make money only when the users are turned on into conversions.

Choose the right network for you:

If you are searching for products to promote that are related to your niche with a good commission, you can go through the affiliate networks to choose a program to promote.

Google AdSense, Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, ShareASale, Link Connector are the great affiliate networks with high paying affiliate programs.

You can inquire the given questions before choosing an affiliate program –

-        Does your offer really answer the determined problem?

-        Are they empowering you for direct linking? Because some don’t allow.

-        Are pop-ups set up to the landing page? If yes, then leave the product.

-        Is a strong call to action added? If not, leave it.

Write your ad:

To design a good ad, just have a look on landing page. What does it say about the product you are going to promote? You can include –

-        A particular problem, you have recognized.

-        Incorporate bidding keyword once or more.

-        Strong call to action.

-        Follow the landing page keywords.

-        Add benefits of product

All these elements can increase your quality traffic. Add your affiliate Id URL, but your main version of ad shows the domain name with a phrase for an admissible look.

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