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 Tricks to apply in Google Hangout campaign.

Google Hangout is the best place to promote yourself and your business along with sharing information amongst your targeted audiences. Google hangout is an asset for small as well as big business. It connects you with your contractors and investors from long distance and you can stay in touch with your employees working from home and those who have to travel. You can run various campaigns on google hangouts as they would be beneficial for your online presence amongst your targeted audiences. It is the best replacement to the costly webinars as you and your prospects can have 1 one on it. Following are the certain tricks to apply in google hangout campaign: ·     


Google hangout is the best place to share your ideas and expertise over products and services to a wider audiences. It help in generating goodwill and would help in providing value to your guests. This will help in crowdsourcing for your business. For this you can create a basic agenda in case the questions aren’t rolling in at first. This helps in reaching larger audience while you share your expertise. ·     

The Question & Answer:

Google Hangouts allows you to receive questions before you go live. From these you can choose the best ones and answer them when you go live. Having a question and answer session is an easy task for you as you know all the answers about your business. ·     

The Demonstration:

Demonstrating your products and services over hangouts would help your customers to know about their working. Viewers respond positively when provided something of value. While demonstrating, provide more contact information and encourage your prospects to follow up with any queries. ·     

The Giveaway:

Giveaways helps in driving tremendous amount of traffic for your business. Make little efforts to attract your prospects and give something that suits your audience. After hangout and giveaway take the follow up from your prospects. ·     

Pull Back the Curtain:

Show people something interesting about your business through which they can feel connected with you and that you are known to them. Be little casual while having hangout with your audience, as audience like honest representations. Provide looks for your new products and services, it is an easy way to grab attention of your prospects and bring in more followers for you. You can use these tricks to manage and promote your business over google hangouts within your prospects.  

Source from: georgesepich.com

Lead generation with Google Hangout

Google Hangout is really a great way to communicate with your customers and employees. You can set up meetings, webinars, Q&A sessions and many more things with Hangout in order to improve your communication and create promotional videos. Before initiating the Hangout, you need to define the goal why you are conducting a Hangout. Lead generation is also a prime objective for businesses and marketers. Capturing emails of users are possible with Google Hangout. Here are some tactics to assist you in lead generation with Google Hangout – ·     

Ask sign up for webinar:

Hosting a webinar using Google Hangout, you can request viewers to sign up or login to their Google+ profile to watch the webinar. So if the user doesn’t have a Google+ profile you can restrict them and ask them to sign up. You can also request them to add you in their circle for future updates. ·     

Use a count-down timer for hangout registration:

Running a count-down timer on your Hangout registration page to remind users about the event. Timer create curiosity among the users so they like to register for your Hangout and join the conversation. ·     

Enable a replay:

Replay is a great method to get those users who didn’t attend your Hangout due to some reason. You can send links of replay to your users via email to your subscriber list. And if new user visit your link ask them to subscribe or sign up. ·     

Ask for registration to view more:

Create a step by step product demonstration video series and offer initial one or two video without registration. Ask them for log in or sign up to view more videos from you. With this method, you will get only potential leads. ·     

Past Hangout promotion:

To boost the traffic to your Hangout after getting it over, advertise it across your channels and social networks. And request for their email id to give them access to Hangout. Interested customers will provide you the details. You can also use plugin to generate leads with Hangout that you can apply on registration page, landing page, and squeeze page. Apply these tips into your business, these will surely assist you to get more leads and build your own lead base. The leads, you will get with these tactics will more likely to be converted into customers.    

Google Hangout for small businesses

In the form of Google Hangouts, Google+ has given innovative and powerful tool for participants to connect with each other. Google hangout for business can become an asset for that business if used properly and efficiently. Hangouts allows employer’s to easily connect with their employees, business colleagues, and clients using calls and videos, which makes the connectivity easier for the people who work from home or those who have to travel for their work.   Google Hangout can be a great tool for small businesses as they are easy to setup and convenient to use. It can help in boosting day to day operations for small businesses. Following are the ways in which Google Hangouts is very much helpful for small businesses. ·     

Providing customer service:

Google Hangouts enables you to interact with your customers from every nook and corner of the world. You can respond to the queries of your customers in text or face to face conversation over your product or you can thank them for their great reviews or send referrals of new services. It can help you update the progress of your client on a particular project. It allows you to arrange face to face Q&A session for the customer who request it. ·     

Holding meetings and collaborations:

Google Hangout provides feature of sharing screen with multiple people at a time while doing a video call which enables business owners to collaborate with other employees and influencers. If you have employees who are working from home and can’t join important meetings than Google hangout is a best solution to bring them to the meeting in spite of their location. You can also collaborate with contractors and consultants from various countries with great ease. ·     

Business extensions:

Google hangouts helps in business extensions and growing your team. You can take interviews of the candidates who cannot come to your office but could be a great asset for your business. You can also host webinars, communicate with your customers, organize classes and workshops. It also helps in proving training to the employees collectively. Google Hangout help in building community for your account just like the way you get followers for Facebook. You can chat with them and provide them information about your new products, offers and promotions. Google Hangout is the perfect place to promote yourself and your business along with sharing information amongst the targeted audience.    

How to use Google Hangout Video conferencing for businesses.

Google hangout is zero cost video conferencing tool that enables you to connect with clients and friends. To get start with Google Hangout, you need a Google account. Marketers and businesses are using Google Hangout to expand their brands, increase the creditability, drive more traffic to their website, boost their SEO ranking, generate leads, build connection and create tutorials for their staff and clients as well. Here are some tactics to show how businesses use Google Hangout for their businesses. ·     

Manage better meeting:

Google Hangout allows you to have a face-to-face interaction with your audience and staff. A video call is much better and more personalized than a chat, call and image. Hangout conferences can be great, if you spend your maximum time out of office. You can reach to your staff meeting anytime with hangout. Using Hangout, you can send and receive files from Google docs and share your screen to your staff to show them reports, graph and analytics etc. ·     

Advertising Video:

Every business like to promote its brand in order to get more exposure, drive more targeted customers, and build trust among the audience. You can create video of product announcements and demonstration, webinar, testimonials, reviews and customer feedback. Record these kind of videos and upload it on YouTube to get more views in order to increase your following. You can also link these video on other social media platforms, website and blog. ·     

Host a webinar:

Hangouts is a great way to conduct webinar and share your expertise. To host a webinar, you need to opt for a topic related to your niche. Keep in mind that the topic should be informative and unique. Prepare for the webinar, list down Q&A related to the topic. The webinar can also be about your products offerings. After ending the webinar, host a Q&A session and give a chance to audience to engage with you, answer the queries respectively. Save the webinar and upload it to the YouTube and other sites to get more views and subscribers. ·     

Offer Consultation:

Hangout can be used for consulting your clients to help them individually. You can interact them face-to-face to build their trust in your services. Consulting via hangout can oust phone calls, emails and other expensive methods of communication.    

4 ways to apply Google Hangout in your business

Google Hangouts is being getting updated regularly with latest features. It is great way of interacting with multiple people at a same time. For business, Google Hangouts can be very effective in having interaction with employees, contractors and investors. Google Hangouts on air allows you to have video conferencing with 9 people at a time which can be helpful in organizing webinars for concerned people. Here are the certain ways to apply Google Hangout in your business. ·     

Organizing team meetings:

With so many employees spread over various regions it would be difficult to interact with them. Google Hangout provides the best way to interact with the employees working from home or do travelling for their work. Google hangouts on air allows you to have team meetings and you can also share screen with the multiple people all at once. With the help of Google Hangouts you need not to travel for here and there to attend meetings. ·     

Holding Webinars:

If you host webinars or want to host one than Google Hangout is the best solution to all these. Hangouts normally allows 10 participants at a time but it can be extended to 15 with Google+ premium features. With Google Hangout on air you can record the complete webinar, edit it and can share it online to reach it prospective audiences. If the cost of your webinar software is keeping away you from having webinars or Q&A sessions for your customers than Google Hangout is the best way to reach your audience. ·     

Having a press conference:

People usually have myth that “Only big companies can held press conferences”. For your business you can also held press conference on Google Hangout. You can make big announcements over it and can answer the questions of your followers than there itself. Organizing press conference opens way for you to interact with your prospective audience directly. ·     

Product demonstrations:

Hangouts on air is the best place to demonstrate your products and services amongst your prospective customers. A demonstrative video of your product can attract more customers as people trust on the working things. Audience love to watch the demonstration of the product which they would be purchasing.  

How to make the most use of Google Hangout

Google is always upgrading its application and services to maximize the benefits of its users. Google hangout an amazing google app present to create interaction between people that are at distant areas. For business purpose, google hangout provide a unique platform to interact with employees, investors, contractors, etc. Google hangout has many uses when comes to your business which becomes beneficial aid for your business whether it is small or well established. Here are the ways for making most use of google hangout. ·     

Marketing with google hangout:

Most practical use of google hangout is to make conversation between employees, investors, prospect, etc. easier. Marketing can be made easy with the help of Google Hangout for business. You can show case your brand, products and services over Hangouts in an effective manner which attracts prospects. You can use hangout to record meetings, demonstrate products and services or telecast a private interview of experts. You can also get video reviews from your clients and publish it on your hangout account. ·     

Improve communication:

If you have multiple offices than Google Hangout is the best way to interact with all your employees together. You can have team meetings or group discussions over hangout and avoid the panic of travelling from one place to another for attending scheduled meetings. You can even held a press conference over it. You can also host informal interviews over it and record it which you can share according to your convenience. ·     

Service calls:

Google Hangout can also be used for handling online service calls and technical support. You can also solve the queries of your clients and prospective clients by having face to face conversation with them. You can arrange a question and answer session regarding your brand, products and services you provide which can be recorded and shared amongst your clients and prospects to have an idea about what they are going to deal with. ·     

Online interviews:

With the help of google hangout you can conduct interview online for the candidates who cannot come to you but can be an asset for your business. You can also make interviews with experts to market your brand as a reference from the experts. You can record such online interviews over hangouts and share it according to your convenience.  

How to change your Google + profile into a business page

Businesses and marketers curiously looks for various kind of marketing strategies to increase online visibility in search engine page results, authorship and integration with other platforms for a better exposure. Google Plus businesses pages also provide you an opportunity to get ranked into search engine results and drive targeted traffic towards your website. To create a Google Page, you need to start with your Google Plus profile. Creating a business page enables you to connect with your customers in an easier way. Go through the create page, on your Google Plus profile and follow the steps to initiate with Google business page. ·     

Choose the category:

Opt for the right category for Google Plus business page that defines your business. The categories are ‘Local business or place’, ‘product or brand’, ‘company, institution or organization’, ‘arts, entertainment or sports’ and other. You need to choose the one out of five main categories. This can assist you to get the right prospects for your business. Wrong category can drive wrong audience to your business page. ·     

Complete profile:

Provide the complete information about your business, include a contact number, website URL, map address, address, and opening hours to get easily found by your customers. Add business logo and tagline to the business profile to describe what you do? Make sure that the information, you are giving is correct. After completion of your profile, you can start posting on the page in order to get followers. You can also get custom URL for your business page. ·     

Engage audience:

Add a Google+ badge to engage your audience and get more followers to your page. You can also follow your audience back to build a strong relationship. You can follow your staff members, customers, and followers whose updates you found interesting. Conducting a Hangout and group chat can be great for further conversions with your customers. You can also link your website, YouTube and blog link to brand page. To make your business page more lucrative, you can add +1 button, create circles to segment your audience, and advertise your products and services on business page. You can create a short video about your business and upload it to your business page to make aware audience. Take advantage of Google Hangout to host webinars, internal staff meeting, customer service, product announcement and demonstration.  


Google Hangout - build your business with a blog

Unlike email, twitter and other branding tools, blog can also help in branding your business. It also enables you to do what you want and need to do to improve your brand toward your prospects. You can promote your Google hangout to receive word out and an audience for your business with the help of blog. Just like social media drive traffic through your blogs. A blog with good traffic can be quite beneficial in driving traffic for your Google hangout account. Traffic from your blog can become your prospective audience if driven properly to your hangout account. You can also go one step forward in building brand for your business by publishing guest posts on your blog. Provide your hangout link with the guest blogs so as to direct readers to the hangout. Having a blog linked to your Google Hangout builds trust and credibility for your prospective customers. Give a link of your Google hangout in your blogs so that you can redirect your targeted audience to hangout. If you are not getting enough leads or losing your leads than blog can be very helpful in gaining them. With a blog you are able to generate leads of people who are already interested in your products and services. They are reading your articles, watching your videos and using your tips. These people have contacted you through emails or other way to know more about your services and products. This way you can bring them to your hangout account for generating quality leads for your business. Showcase yourself as a pro in front of your audiences. As nobody prefer to avail services from a novice business person. Use content that makes you look pro so that you can drive in benefits for your hangout. Share your team stories, success stories about your business through your blogs to let people know about your business and want to know more about it for which you can direct them to your hangout account. Take follow ups from the people visiting your blog and Google hangout to know what needed to be done to make it better for driving expected results from both. Take the help of various social media to promote blog containing your hangout link.  

Planning and holding effective connection with Google Hangout

Google Hangout is generally used to having fun with friends and colleagues. But at the meantime, it is also important to for businesses and marketers to connect them with their customers in a personal way via face-to-face interaction. Businesses can use it as part of their sales process by inviting current prospective audience who are in your sales funnel, customer service tool to keep in touch with customers, and internal communication tool for meetings. Using Google hangout, you can connect with your communities, create video sessions for training, give presentations, share screens, collaborate on Google Drive documents, chat, and much more. Here are some elements that can improve your Hangout conversations – ·     

How to instructions:

To get Hangout attendees on board, you can email them how to instructions several day before of the live session to make sure that the attendees have enough time to set up and get ready with camera, mic and headphones. If the participants don’t have a Google account, ask them to join you by signing up with Google. ·     

Meeting Agenda:

Every Hangout should have an agenda to make it successful. Make sure to send the agenda to all the attendees via mail or you can associate it in the Hangout Invitation. Give them a clear idea about what is going to happen in your hangout to have them on the same page. ·     

Minutes of Meeting:

Have a look on your agenda, define how much time it will take and then fix the time for the Google Hangout. If Hangout is not possible to finish within the time, you can continue the Hangout in near future using recap. If you are doing back to back Hangouts as a marketer or business, you really need to give some time to review the meetings and discussion summaries. Typing in hangout takes minutes, so mute the mic while typing. ·     

Action Items:

With Google Hangout, you can do group chat, share information from Google Drive and Goggle Docs, make a call to discuss and revise the shared documents, access of others’ participants device screens and much more to make it successful and informative. ·     

Meeting Execution:

To execute the Hangout in an effective way and avoid the technical glitches, login 10-15 minutes before of the live session to ensure that everything is working properly. If you find any issues with the system, restart you system and servers to diminish the chances of trouble throughout the Hangout.

How to grow your Google hangout audience

Every business needs new customers to extend their business. Google Hangout is a great tool to communicate with your customers and expand your business. You can connect with your audience in real-time via video chat, webinar and conference call etc. that builds trust of your brand among them. Sharing is also allowed so you can exchange information about your products and services. To grow real-time the audience of your Google Hangout, use the following things in your Hangout marketing strategies. ·     

Use cross promotion on social media platforms:

Audience is everywhere so why promoting only your Google Hangout only on Google+ platform. You can promote it on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc. Be active and create individual marketing plan for every platform. Advertising on different platforms enable you to get more audience and extend the reach of your business. You can create images or short video to make the adverting process much easier. ·      I

nvite audience via email:

An email list is a tested method that can also work effectively in order to increase the audience of Google Hangout. At the time of creating an email, you need to pay attention on subject line, the reason to watch and how to get it. Include a contact number, forward to a friend link so users can pass it to their network and a subscription link so that non-subscribers can easily subscribe to your website. Inviting via email can extend your reach and increase sales. Email announcements are cost-effective and easy to apply in your online marketing strategies. ·     

Present unique content:

Always avoid to use duplicate or copied content because they are not ranked well so users will not be able to find you on search engine result pages. Do proper research and ask among the communities that what you need to cover and then opt for the topics that provide information to your audience. Prepare questions and answers on that and then showcase most valuable content. Unique content assist you to improve your SEO rankings, conversion rate, page views, and branding. ·     

Get involved in other Hangout:

Involvement is also a great way to increase the audience of your Hangout. So, take part in others Hangout sessions, communicate with them and ask relevant questions which are helpful. Don’t be focused to build only your audience. Be active in the Hangout comment and tell your opinion about the event                                                      

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