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What Facebook can do for your business?

Any website, small blog or business that is trying to get more visitors into this competitive world needs to be on Facebook. When it comes to marketing (especially social media marketing) Facebook is the king. It has over 1,000 million worldwide users, which is roughly 15% of the world's total population. Now we are going to see why Facebook marketing is incredibly popular. Facebook is the most effective way to get more customers that you may never see in ordinary marketing.

Use Facebook Marketing To Promote Your Local Event:
One of the most overlooked social media marketing is event promoting. Nowadays no one is doing event promotions with the help of social media marketing. But in Facebook you can easily promote your local or personal events to your directed audience.

Nowadays most promoters, event planners and marketers are using Facebook marketing to invite more people to their promotional event. You can use this marketing idea to have a mega blowout event for a launch of a new business or grand opening of a business.

Create An Attractive Facebook Profile To Attract More Customers:
Most of us think that a Facebook profile is just for individuals. But this is an obvious misconception. A Great Facebook profile can promote any business without any hard work, so most of the marketers are starting to prefer Facebook to promote their business or website. Marketers can use their profile to directly interact with their customers on a day to day basis. Marketers can list their posts, persistent information and everything about their blog. If they do things like this, they can easily attract more visitors to their profile so that they can easily develop their business.

Will a Facebook Fan Page Help To Promote Your Business?
Of course, a fan page will help you to build a large online community. Every single click is very important to improve your page rank on Google and other search engines. A website's fan page gets lots of likes and is seen as authoritative page, which will help to attract a loyal following. Social media marketing via Facebook fan pages is a simple way to connect with anyone and also it is cost effective.

These Facebook fan pages are open to everyone and they can be seen by all Facebook users and non-Facebook users alike. This means that all people are potential viewers to that page.

Create a Facebook Group For Temporary Traffic to Your Website
A Facebook group is similar to a fan page, but in a fan page you aren’t able to post anything on that page. Compared to a Facebook fan page, a group has some advantages. They are listed below:

#1. it’s quite easy for discussion.
#2. it’s better to run a great marketing campaign.
#3. Here marketers are able to send bulk requests to users. In a fan page we can't do this.

Thus, Facebook marketing is one of the most popular social media marketing tools to attract more customers. So don't forget to advertise your blog or website on Facebook to blowout your business.

64 Easy-to-Remember Marketing Strategy

Examples for Facebook

May 8, 2016 by Scott Ayres

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  • Attract targeted fans only
  • Friends of fans will expand reach
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  • Engage with fans -- WOW them!
  • Speak your fans' language
  • Ask fans to share your post
  • Boosting posts on Facebook gets the best reach
  • Mine Insights for fan data


  • Insights tell you what works
  • Which post has best reach?
  • Repeat/adapt posts
  • Photos = engagement
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  • Make it easy to engage
  • Ask fill-in-the-blank questions & other questions on your page
  • Mix fun & informative posts
  • Post when fans are active


  • Cover photos are 851 x 315 pixels
  • Profile pictures are 180 x 180 pixels
  • Add calls-to-action to cover (but don't overdo it)
  • Announce promotions here
  • Pinned posts = visibility
  • Changes appear in news feed
  • Use engaging apps
  • Capture contact info with app
  • You have 3 seconds to tell people essentials


  • You MUST run ads (including Facebook page Like ads) to reach more fans
  • Identify ad goal: traffic, lead, sale?
  • Boosting posts is the easiest way to start
  • Target warm leads
  • Target geographically if you're a local business
  • Analyze ad reports to find best ROI
  • Adapt ads based on report analysis
  • Be persistent -- go from fan to lead to sale


  • sunshineRank top posts by reach/Likes/comments/shares
  • Note time of post with greatest reach
  • Identify where Facebook page Likes come from
  • People engaged are the most valuable fans
  • Discover where your engaged fans are located
  • Schedule posts directed at your most engaged fans
  • Identify top pages/tabs viewed
  • Put lead generation apps on most viewed tabs


  • Reward fans who tag your business
  • Link to an article or video
  • Include calls-to-action
  • Fan contest for sharing
  • Post compelling photos
  • Add a Like box to your website
  • Keep text short & to the point
  • Add Like button to your website


  • Get a large, focused fan base
  • Display a call-to-action on your cover photo
  • Offer freebies as lead generation
  • Capture email address in exchange for freebies
  • Integrate email marketing
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  • Use targeted ads wisely
  • Review Insights monthly
  • Lead-to-sale takes times


  • Award a prize to fans who share
  • Integrate Facebook contests with your website
  • Host a joint contest with colleagues
  • Crowdsource new product ideas
  • Ask fans to vote for their favorite
  • Photo contests generate most activity
  • Make it easy to enter a contest
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  • Give away gift cards for your product

The Power of Facebook for Small Businesses

The success of any business is mainly dependent on the kind of advertising that has been put in place. It is through advertising that the business gets popularity among the people which ultimately leads to increased sales. Notably, this venture is always a major cost for most businesses and can therefore be a limiting factor for small businesses.

This is the reason why one should consider Facebook for Small Businesses. Facebook has proved to be very essential for small and upcoming businesses, not only in advertising, but also throughout the running. For one intending to start a small business, Facebook should be an option on your list due to several dominant reasons.

For one, you need to market your business in order to get an increase in sales. In relation to this, many forms of marketing may be quite expensive to a small business, which has limited financial capabilities during inception. Therefore, Facebook can be an ideal option to consider. The cost you incur while marketing on this social platform is considerably much lower compared to other forms of marketing. Thus, it plays a role in minimizing one's expenditure on marketing fees.

Through this social media, one also has the opportunity of availing themselves of adequate information concerning the business to the people. You can ideally, post the business history, product descriptions and much more to the clients. This is much more effective if you have an active Facebook page. Through the page, clients get to know a lot concerning the business, including all of the services and products on offer.

Notably, no business can operate without good communication between the staff and its clients. This has led to the provision of customer care numbers to clients by the different businesses. However, if one wants to minimize the costs and still ensure adequate communication, then Facebook is the best solution.

Through Facebook, you can easily communicate with the clients using messages if they need expert feedback on issues related to the products. Furthermore, if one wants to minimize the queries by the clients, you can easily post solutions to questions frequently asked by customers.

Another main reason why Facebook is so essential to a small upcoming business is due to the increase of traffic to their business site. As you start a business, you need to have increased traffic to your site which can be sometimes difficult or expensive through other means. However, one can easily achieve this by posting a link on Facebook, which can resultantly direct the clients to the main site by just a click. It is also convenient as the people already know what to expect when visiting the site.

Still, another benefit which a small business will accrue from this social site is on the uploading of videos and pictures concerning their business. After all, there is no better way of communicating to clients than through visual displays. In addition to this, one can also tag people to the videos and photos. When tagged, the images will appear on that person's timeline, which will in turn be viewed by all of their friends.

Conclusively, Facebook for Small Businesses is one of the most reliable and cost effective ways of giving the business a great boost.


The power within Facebook Ads!

There is amazing power in Facebook Ads and let me explain to you why. To make money online is the greatest invention ever. There is a lot of money to be made online. Important companies spend millions of dollars advertising online. You can reach any one at anyplace and at any time. It’s the greatest way to make money.

But a very important thing to consider is that online marketing is different to a high percentage compared to offline marketing. Successful offline marketers struggle to make money online, and big companies usually make mistakes trying to market their products and services online.

The greatest thing about marketing online is that you get to choose what kind of people you want to advertise to, you just need to pick the right advertising channel, spend your money there for advertising and that does it. Another great thing is that advertising online can be a lot cheaper.

Advertising online is a marvelous way to advertise because you get to choose the visitors that you really want to come to your website. In a store all kinds of people enter. Including people that want to steal from your store. But online, you get to choose them, as if you were going to a store and buying some visitors. In reality it is just like that.

What Facebook can do for you online advertising?

Facebook ads is an amazing platform where you are able to find as much traffic to your website as you want, but not only that, you get to choose exactly what people you want Facebook to send to your online store’s website.

There are many fabulous characteristics you may choose from for every visitor that comes to your website using Facebook ads. You will have a chance to choose by Country, State, City and Zip Code and even by town (I have done it).

You will get to choose a specific age, and range of age, and also the gender. There is an amazing function that you even get to choose the precise interest that your visitors have and that they claimed to have once they got registered.

You can also include into the “shopping cart” for traffic to your website their relationship status like: Single, In a Relationship, Married and Engaged. You can even make sure if they are in high school, in college, or college graduated. Finally you get to choose to use pay per click or per impressions.

Targeting exactly to your audience is extremely simple now!

The greatest thing about marketing online is that you can find out specifically the size of a specific interest online and how you can target directly to them at any time. Facebook Advertising platform is amazing, because you can easily choose to target that specific interest.

Imagine been able to test every one of the interests that involves your business. You can plan a great test to find out what every one of those people need from your businesses. You can even send them information about your services, and you can invite them to share what they think about your service. This is truly a great way to build a stronger business directly satisfying the needs of the people.

Something very important to consider is that Facebook Ads take time to dominate. The setup is extremely easy, but the marketing psychology is hard to analyze. You need to learn what words to use, and what images to choose. You really need to learn how to test every ad that you are going to create so you don’t waste your money.

If you need to know more about how to create these amazing Facebook Advertising campaigns, please click here.


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