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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is Google’s auction-based online advertising service. Google AdWords is a cost- per-click (CPC) or pay-per-click (PPC) method of advertising in which you only pay when your advertising is working. There is no fee for displaying your ads on search results pages. You are charged only when someone clicks your ads to visit your website.

With Google AdWords, you can place your ads on Google or its partner websites. You can set your budget according to your comfort and evaluate the impact of your ad. You can start with a limited budget and stop or pause any time you want. There is no restriction on your spending commitment.

When people search for the keywords related to your products or services, your ads appear on the search results pages. It provides a marketplace to the online advertisers for positioning their ads on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It helps you to reach new customers and expand your business.

It is a simple process to start advertising with Google AdWords. You can setup your account and initiate your advertising campaign. It is free to sign up on Google AdWords. Now, you can sign in to create your ad campaign by submitting billing information. You can also preview your ads to check statistics of your ad’s performance.

The working procedure of Google AdWords is based on some building blocks such as:

  •   Keywords

  •   Placement

  •   Ad Rank

  •   Bid

  •   Quality Score

    Keywords are the words or phrases that people use to search for your products or services. Keywords trigger your ads to show on search results pages. Relevant keywords increase the probability that your ad is displaying to the potential visitors and enhance your ad’s performance.

    You can control the placement of your ad on Google or other sites. You can bid for specific placement. The order of ads on search results pages is based on the rank of the ads. Ad rank can be determined by two factors:

    Quality Score * Bid = Ad rank

    Bid management is very important to increasing your ad rank. You can customize your bid according to your budget and relevancy of keywords. The quality score of any keyword describes the quality of your ad and relevancy of your landing page. A high quality score means low cost and high ad rank.

    When a user searches for a query, Google processes the request and executes an auction for every keyword that determines which ads will display for that specific search and in which order. The auction runs many times, and users find relevant results. It helps advertisers to reach potential customers at the lowest possible price.

The overall process of Google AdWords advertising helps you promote your business and improves your brand awareness. It maximizes your Return on Investment. It is measurable, accountable and flexible to use. You can reach the right people at the right time by using Google AdWords campaign. It provides you the highest targeted capabilities and maximum relevancy.

Google AdWords for Small Businesses

Nowadays, every business is making a foray into the internet for advertising. One of the best ways to market online is Google AdWords. Google AdWords is an effective advertising platform that is used to attract potential customers. It is a powerful Pay-per-Click tool that shows your ads on relevant Google search results pages.

Many small business owners think that advertising using Google AdWords is complicated and expensive. But, by launching an efficient and effective Google AdWords campaign, they can boost their sales to grow their business easily. It is a cost effective way for advertising that allows advertisers to pay only when an ad is clicked.

When a user is looking for a service or a product, they search it on Google. If they see your ads on top of the results pages, then it attracts more customers to your website. Small businesses are competing with many other popular brands for displaying their ads on the first page of search results.

Google AdWords can be very helpful for small businesses that don’t have a wide reach and high traffic. You can create an account on Google AdWords for free and create ads to show on search results pages. You can choose specific and relevant keywords for your ads, and use automated bidding techniques to bid on your keywords.

Google AdWords provides an opportunity for the small scale advertisers to show their ads on a primary local platform. You can choose the keywords which are specific to a region and thus, you can target interested and even some potential customers. It saves you money by not showing your ads in unlikely regions, and this money can be used for other business purposes.

Google AdWords is very beneficial to small businesses. It is a cost-effective way to generate leads. By adopting the right strategy for your Google AdWords campaign, you can create awareness for your website or products, attract more potential customers, increase your sales and successfully grow your business.

You can set your bid price according to your budget on daily or monthly basis for PPC. It helps you save time and money. It provides you various automatic tools that are very helpful for the success of your business. The geo-targeting feature of Google AdWords helps you reach the right people at the right time. You can advertise locally or globally, and can get instant traffic to your websites.

With Google Analytics, you can easily measure your performance, and if there are any issues, you can fix them quickly. You can target more customers by using device targeting and ad scheduling methods. It also helps control your budget and prevent overspending and underspending. You can easily track your performance by measuring ROI, sales and conversion rate.

Choosing the correct Keywords for your campaign

Keywords are the foundation for any Google AdWords campaign. Selecting the right keywords is the most important aspect that needs to be addressed carefully. Searchable and authentic keywords improve click through rate and quality score to gain higher conversions for your ads.

Keyword are the phrases or words that prompt your ads to display on search results pages. If you have a keyword that matches the search query, only then will your ad show on search results pages. Choosing the correct keywords is of great importance for advertising with Google AdWords. Keywords with high search volumes will provide high quality traffic.

You need to keep in mind some rules when creating keywords for your ad campaign. For

examples, keywords can have 80 characters and not more than 10 words, keywords are not case sensitive, periods, commas, and hyphens are treated as spaces, most symbols like @ % ^ * () = {} ; ~ ` <> ? are not allowed in keywords, accent marks are treated as unique characters, & are allowed in keywords, etc.


Few tips for selecting the most beneficial keywords for your ad campaign are:

  •   Think like a customer and research terms that would be used by a customer for searching for your product or services. Categorize them into different groups and run separate campaigns.

  •   Select the keywords which are more specific and relevant to your product or service. Try out some general or specific keywords and check to see if are they providing better results to reach your potential customers.

  •   Group your similar keywords and ads into themes. It will help you organize different ad groups in different categories based on product or services and show your ads to potential customers.

  •   Choose the right number of keywords for your campaign that can be related directly to your group theme. Well targeted keywords will bring more traffic for your business.

  •   Use the keyword planner tool in Google AdWords to find the keywords that can perform

well and drive more traffic to your website.

  •   Add some negative keywords for which your ad will not be shown in search results.

    Negative keywords enable you to display your ads only for the search terms you want. It

    reduces cost and improves click through rate (CTR).

  •   Use the search term report to measure the performance of your keywords. It gives you

    complete information about the keywords which were used in the search query when

    people clicked on your ads. It helps you to identify negative keywords.

  •   Incorporate the best keyword match type. Whether it is a broad match, exact match or

    phrase match, select the appropriate option for your ad campaign.

You can improve your Google AdWords performance by discovering the best keywords for your campaign. It will save you time, money, and will also maximize your business’s exposure to potential customers and become successful.

How to create Compelling Google Ads?

Creating compelling ads plays a vital role in your Google AdWords campaign. A compelling and effective ad encourages the searchers to click on them and converts them into customers. An impressive ad improves the click-through-rate, quality score, ad rank and drives more customers to your business.

Ad text is the answer of the search query for what the audience is searching. It is a bridge between

the search query and your landing page. Your goal is to create an ad that will bring the potential searchers toward the relevant direction, satisfy their needs and fulfill your business objectives.

It is important to optimize your ad text within a limited character length. Here are few tips for creating a compelling and effective ad copy:

  •   Your ad must be informational and relevant to the search query. It should give the best possible answer to the searcher’s query.

  •   Your ad should be understandable and specific. You should write different ad copies for different ad groups by using different sets of keywords.

  •   Make sure to highlight the unique value proposition while writing your ad copy. It must describe the benefits of your products or services and differentiate you from your competitors.

  •   Showcase all the features and benefits of your products or services in your ad copy. It will help the searchers to differentiate you when they are comparing different products or services.

  •   Keep your customers in mind and include emotionally beneficial statements about your products when creating ad copy.

  •   For a better CTR, include main keywords in your ad headline and description. It makes your

ad more creative and relevant, and that improves the performance of your campaign.

  •   Include a call to action (CTA) in your ads to increase its effectiveness. It is a straightforward

    method to inform the customers of what you want them to do when they reach at your

    landing page.

  •   Use creative themes and different thoughts in your ad copy. Include captivating headlines

    to draw the attention of your audience and show your product's specific benefits, features

    and price in the next two description lines.

  •   Specifically display your URL in your ad. It describes to the audience where they will be

    directed after they click.

  •   Your ad copy is the first impression of your website your audience will see, so make sure to

    format it properly. Your ad must have correct spelling and grammar, proper spacing, proper capitalization and punctuation. Do not use "jargon" in your ads.

 Test different ad text and select the perfect ad copy that has a high CTR and conversion rate.

By following the above mentioned guidelines, you can create an effective ad copy. It will help you achieve a higher conversion rate and profits for your business. A compelling ad ensures a successful Google AdWords campaign that will generate leads and help you fulfill your business goals.

How to generate leads with Google AdWords

The primary goal of every business is to drive high traffic and generate leads. Google AdWords is a powerful online advertising strategy to generate leads. It is a simple and convenient Pay-per-Click tool that shows your ads on relevant Google search result pages.

The main objective of advertisers is to encourage customers to buy a product or collect their contact details through sign-up forms for lead generation. Google AdWords is a revolutionized way to drive huge traffic to your business. You can also generate more leads with this method even with a limited budget.

It can be an excellent lead generation mechanism, if you understand some basic fundamentals, such as mindset of your audience, methods to increase the CTR (Click through Rate) and conversion rate of your landing page, as well as methods to evaluate the results of your campaign.

Here are some effective tips to get more leads for your business:

 Choose relevant keywords:
Keywords are the phrases or words that prompt your ads to display on search results. Select the keywords that are most relevant to your products or services. Choose keywords that have high search volume. Appropriate keywords improve the performance of your campaign, and you can get more clicks to your ads.

 Enhance your landing page:
A landing page is the destination page or web page where you send traffic after they click on your ads. Optimization of your landing page is very important for a higher conversion rate. Verify that it loads quickly, it's easy to navigate and meets customer’s expectations. By enhancing your landing page, you can get the best returns on your investments.

 Calibrate sign-up forms:
If you are generating leads via contact forms, then you should keep your sign-up forms simple and friendly, so customers feel comfortable when giving you their contact details. Eliminate non-essential fields from your form. It serves as an important factor to improve conversion rate.

 Offer free resources:
You can generate leads by using creative ideas. You can offer your customers free resources such as free e-books, free consultations or webinars after filling in sign-up forms. You can offer them free services related to your products. It will attract more customers and help you to generate more leads.

  •   Bid management:
    Bid management is very important for a successful campaign. You can increase the bid for the keywords that have higher conversion rates and pause or decrease the bids for the keywords which are not performing well. It will improve your ranking on google search results pages and drive more traffic to your website.

  •   Track your performance:
    Paying for the traffic that is not generating revenue for your business is worthless. Proper assessment of your ad’s performance is necessary. Use Google Analytics to track your performance as to how your traffic is behaving in your Google AdWords campaign. If there are any issues, try to improve your campaign strategy to get better results.

    By following the above mentioned tactics you can create and manage an efficient Google AdWords campaign. It will generate more and more leads, and you can upgrade your business to a whole new level.

    How to get the most using advanced Google Display Network technology?

    Google Display Network provides you a way to display your ads on millions of locations. These locations can include various websites, online games, web feeds and online video sites. It is the most powerful tool to reach customers in the right place at the right time. It provides you effective ad exposure beyond the search results.

    Google Display Network allows you to create ads that include text, images and interactive videos. You can display these ads on relevant websites. You can track the performance of your campaign, manage your budget and analyze results.

    Google Display Network helps you reach new customers, select specific pages or websites where your ads will appear and engage the customers with appealing ad formats. It provides you a variety of targeting options. You can select one, or more than one from the following options to target your audience:

  •   Keyword Targeting enables you to show relevant ads to users across the entire Display Network. You can easily measure the performance of each keyword and make changes accordingly. Google Display Network uses broad match so use a limited number of keywords to target placement based on a relevant theme of ad groups.

  •   Placement Targeting lets you put your ads on entire websites, specific pages of a website, apps, games or video sites. You can use the following types of placement targeting:

    1. 1)  Automatic Placement: In this type of placement, Google selects placement automatically based on your keywords.

    2. 2)  Managed Placement: In managed placement, you can select specific locations and set bids accordingly.

    3) NegativePlacement:Withthistypeofplacement,youcanexcludeirrelevant placements that are not driving any quality traffic to your business.

  •   Topic Targeting helps you select specific topics, and Google will display your ads only on the websites relevant to your topic. It is the best way to expand your reach on related websites without targeting them one by one.

  •   Remarketing and Interest Targeting provides you the ability to reach the right customers with the right ads. Remarketing brings the people back who have already visited your website. You can also target people based on their online behavior by identifying their common interest. It improves conversion rates, too.

  •   Geographic, Language and Demographic Targeting enables you to show your ads by region, postal codes, language, age range or gender. With these targeting options, you can spend your budget only on the people who are interested in your business.

    Google Display Network also provides you the advanced tools for ad–scheduling, frequency capping and site category exclusion. It helps you manage separate ad campaigns with separate budgets that maximizes your ROI. It generates awareness and improves sales by placing your ads in front of the most interested people, more often than not.

    How to remarket your campaign with Google AdWords

    Remarketing provides you an efficient way to display specific ads to the audience who has visited your website before. It is the best way to reconnect with the people who didn’t convert into customers when they first visited your website. You can convince your previous customers, as well as occasional website visitors by showing relevant and customize ads to them.

    Remarketing is based on various activities that people have performed on your website. It helps you segment your audience and reach right people. It attracts more people and makes them interested in buying your products. It will improve your sales and help you grow your business.

    There are many ways to remarket your products online, such as standard remarketing, dynamic remarketing, video remarketing, remarketing for mobile apps and remarketing a list for search ads. Google AdWords provides you an effective way of creating remarketing lists for search ads. You can set-up your remarketing campaign using the following tips:

  •   Add Remarketing tag:
    A remarketing tag is a small fragment of code that is provided by Google AdWords. You can add it on your home page or all the pages of your website. You can also add it to the footer of your website which is common to all webpages.

  •   Build Remarketing lists:
    After adding remarketing tags, you can build a remarketing list for any webpage. It helps you to keep track of the visitors who are visiting your popular category list by adding a cookie ID in the remarketing list.

    A remarketing list is the collection of cookie IDs of the people who have visited your website. You can create your remarketing list by following these simple steps:

 Click on the Shared library link in your AdWords account.

  •   In the audience section click on view link.

  •   Click on "+remarketing list" button.

  •   Enter the name of your list.

  •   Now select who you want to add to this list by checking on visitors of the page

    template, type the URL of the page for which you want to create the list and enter

    the membership duration for the list.

  •   Click on the save button.

    You can use specific templates to create more advanced remarketing lists.

     Create Remarketing Campaign:
    Now you can create your AdWords campaign by using this remarketing list. It enables you to show specific ads to the people who are added to your remarketing list. Steps to create a remarketing campaign are as follows:

  •   Sign-in to your Google AdWords account.

  •   Select campaign and click on "+campaign" tab.

  •   Select "display network only" then check "remarketing" radio button.

  •   Specify your campaign name, bid strategy and budget.

  •   Now select "set up marketing" button then save and continue.

  •   Now, you can enter an ad group name and create an ad for your remarketing list by

    adding that list to your specific ad group.

    These tips will help you target a more focused and the right audience. You can achieve better results and improve your visibility where your ads appear. Remarketing campaigns help you to drive more traffic to your business, improve registrations, promote your brand awareness and ultimately, improve your ROI.

    How to utilize Google AdWords for Videos

    Videos are one of the most interactive and effective ways to attract an audience. It is said that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Videos create a stronger impact on the viewers over the internet and persuades them to visit your website or click on your ads. Google AdWords provides you a unique opportunity to attract customers with creative Video ads.

    Google AdWords offers you a video specific campaign tool that is Google AdWords for videos. It enables you to create, place and manage your video ads across the Google Display Network and YouTube network. With Google AdWords for videos, you get control over the places where your ads get displayed and who sees your ads.

    It helps you create online video campaigns and share your products or services with customers. It enables you to approach potential customers by keyword, topic and demographic targeting options. You can target the audience based on age, gender and geographic location.

It is simple to start your campaign for video ads. Create an account on Google AdWords, create your video ad format and set the targeting options. You can also link your YouTube account with your Google AdWords account. You can measure your success by tracking views, clicks and budget statistics.

With this feature, you can reach your customers using cost-per-view (CPV) bidding. You don't pay for displaying your video ads on search result lists. When a customer sees your video ad, that is the only time you have to pay. Images, texts and the contents of your video ads must be relevant to your websites. Relevant video ads drive more customers to your business.

Google AdWords supports only True View Video formats. It provides you various True View Video ad formats to organize your video ads into: In-stream, In-slate, In-search and In-display formats.

  •   In-stream video ads usually run before or after a You Tube video like a pre-roll.

  •   In-slate video ads are shown prior to long You Tube video. It shows three ads options. If a

    viewer selects and sees any of those three ads then you need to pay.

  •   In-search video ads are displayed on top of and to the right side of the YouTube search


  •   In-display video ads are shown across the Google Display Network and YouTube network.

    This type of video campaign does not limit the length of your videos. But shorter videos tend to perform better. Make unique videos for specific keyword group. Focus on relevancy and performance of keywords. By using effective CTA, you can attract more viewers.

    Keep your video ads and landing page consistent and purposeful to earn a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Eye-catching and interesting video ads enhance the attention level and inspire them to click on your ads. Google AdWords for video is an innovative way to promote your products and services. It drives more and more traffic to your website and helps you fulfill your business goals.

    Mobile Advertising with Google AdWords

    One of the fundamental principles of online marketing is to know your audience. It is important to analyze what type of devices your targeted audiences are using. Nowadays, people are using mobile devices more to communicate, shop or stay connected.

    In this modern scenario, in order to enhance your business and to build your brand, it is important to customize your ads for mobile devices. Google AdWords provides you the opportunity to create separate advertising campaigns to target mobile devices. You can run your ads on different mobile devices to gather attention.

    These interactive ads are displayed on mobile apps or on the mobile web. With mobile devices, visitors can access desired information from anywhere and at any time. Mobile advertising with smarter ads can enhance your advertising performance. It attracts your potential audience and

helps you accomplish your business objectives. It engages new customers, earns leads and helps to grow your business.

You can opt for mobile ads on Google AdWords through the Display Network or target a particular app category. Google AdWords allows you to create many types of ads that appear on different mobile devices. It provides you the following types of ads:

  •   Text ads.

  •   Image ads.

  •   App promotion ads.

  •   Image app promotion ads.

  •   Video app promotion ads.

  •   Call only ads.

    There is a vast difference in the behavior of the visitors when they are searching through a phone or a desktop. Google AdWords provides you some special features to target mobile devices, like bid modifiers and mobile preferred ads.

    Bid modifiers enable you to set bid amounts separately for the ads which are showing on mobile devices. You can also create mobile preferred ads using Google AdWords. It helps you to customize your ads especially for mobile devices. It improves click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.

    A wide range of mobile devices are available today. You can show your ads on these devices in different formats, so it is important to evaluate which format is more compelling to attract visitors. To ensure that your ads perform better in any format, you should optimize your mobile ads with proper messages, URLs, size and landing pages.

    AdWords allows you to specify ad-destination URLs separately for mobile versions and desktop versions. If you have a separate website for mobile devices, than you can redirect your mobile visitors to that specific website. Choosing keywords for mobile ads is also an important factor. Do not use the same desktop campaign keywords for mobile ads. Use broad matching, short and general keywords.

    What exactly is a Quality Score?

    Google AdWords campaigns depend highly on the AdWords Quality Score. In order to ensure a successful AdWords campaign, you need to pay special attention to the Quality Score. The cost and ranking of your ads are determined by the Quality score.

    Relevancy plays an important role in a PPC ad campaign. Highly searched keywords enable you to get a high quality score and are very beneficial for your ad campaign. The Quality score is a variable that is provided to your keywords. It measures the relevancy of your ads to the audience who are searching for your products or services.

You can use Google AdWords for mobile marketing to maximize your advertising spend. People will find your business easily and instantly. By taking advantage of the mobile advertising feature

of Google AdWords, you can get more visibility and create brand awareness. It enables you to generate more potential leads to improve your online sales.

The Quality score is a vital factor of your Google AdWords campaign. There are several reasons for this:

  •   The Quality score decides the eligibility of your ad to show on search results pages.

  •   It is an important factor which determines the position of your ad in search results pages.

  •   It also influences the ad extension.

  •   The Quality score affects your cost of campaign. A higher quality score means higher ROI

    and lower pricing for your ads.

  •   In a Google search results pages, the top spot is reserved for the highest quality score ads.

  •   A high quality score also enables you to insert dynamic headlines into your ads.

    The Quality score determines the Ad Rank, which is the core of a Google AdWords campaign. The formula for calculating Ad rank is:

    Ad Rank= CPC Bid * Quality Score

    The Quality score impacts the overall performance of your Google AdWords campaign. High quality score keywords lead to better performance. Factors that are used to calculate the quality score of keywords are as follows:

  •   Click-through-rate (CTR).

  •   Ad relevancy.

  •   Relevancy of landing page and its quality.

  •   Bid amount.

  •   Previous AdWords account performance.

    Click-through-rate affects your quality score. If your ad is shown at a lower position but gets higher clicks, then it improves your quality score. If your ad is shown on the top position but has a lower click through rate, then it will decrease your quality score.

    Ad-relevancy is also an important factor to be considered while evaluating quality score. Make your ad more relevant to your business when writing ad copy. Use the keywords in the headings, not in the body of your ads.

    Landing page affects your quality score. It must be relevant to the keywords which are shown on your ads. Google tracks the user’s behavior on landing pages. If a landing page has a high bounce rate, then it will impact your quality score negatively.

    The Quality score is very helpful to improving your ratings. You have to pay consistent attention to maintain your quality score. Write compelling ads. Research and identify relevant keywords and add them in your ads. Exclude irrelevant keywords that are not performing well. Organize your keywords in different ad groups.

    The Quality score serves as a diagnostic tool that measures the performance of your Google AdWords campaign. By optimizing and maintaining a good quality score you can get the best possible ROI and grow your business successfully.

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