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Facebook Ads Prodigy Video Training!

Let’s check out this complete collection of High Definition videos with description:

In Video #1

 You will have a detailed explanation of what will be included in the complete training, that way you can have a clear vision of what to expect from the video training.

In Video #2

 You will learn What Facebook Ads are all about. We will give you the easiest definition for it, and we will show you the extremely important role that Facebook Ads play for online and offline business. We will show you the kinds of Ads, their anatomy, and their display area.

In Video #3

 You will learn why Facebook Ads are such an amazing shortcut to take your profits to any level you want, thanks to the extremely targeted traffic you can get, and you will see the amazing benefits Facebook Ads will bring to your business and online marketing efforts. We will even show you up to 15 shocking facts that will open your eyes to the inmense powerful of Facebook Ads nowadays.

In Video #4

 You will see how 10 important offline businesses are using Facebook Ads in their marketing efforts, so you can get best results with this marketing strategy for your business and become a success story.

In Video #5 to #12

 You will learn how to set up a Facebook Ads Campaign from start to finish using one of the most effective methods to create a 100% targeted audience to your Business in record time. We will cover topics like:

  • Identify your Audience
  • Create your Facebook Page
  • Organize your Facebook Page
  • Creating your Ads: Results
  • Creating your Ads: Images
  • Creating your Ads: Text and Links
  • Creating your Ads: Audience
  • Creating your Ads: Campaign Pricing

In Video #13

 You will learn about optimizing your Facebook Ads Campaign. We will explain the 2 most important concepts needed to get desired results in order to dominate Facebook ads CPC: Click-through Rate and Ad Variation. We will even give you a live Case Study created by us where we will show you every single trick we used to get some really low CPC.

In Video #14

 You will learn about the hottest 8 ways to use Facebook Ads to get the most out of them, things like: Create an Audience, List Building, Affiliate Marketing, Website Traffic, Promote Amazon Products, Promote eBay Products, Promote Apps, Go Local, etc.

In Video #15

 You will learn more about one of the hottest Facebook Ads techniques used by gurus: Facebook Custom Audiences. I don’t know if you already knew this, but now with Facebook you will be able to build your own sources of traffic by using a list of Facebook IDs, list of emails, phone numbers, autoresponder sync, mobile app users, and you will even have the chance to create a custom audience with the people that have visited your website and have taken desired actions, which is Remarketing with Facebook.

In Video #16

 We will give you a list of all Facebook Dos you must include in your Facebook Ads and a list of all Facebook Don’ts you must be aware of not doing with your Facebook Ads.

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